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Noir. Cà phê in the dark

Noir. Cà phê in the dark

Introducing for the first time in Asia: coffee in the dark, a sensory experience lớn explore your coffee in a different way. 

For more information, please visit us at Noir. Cà phê in the dark or ask one of our team members


Autumn thực đơn Released

Noir. Is excited to lớn announce the arrival of the new menu from the East. With autumn in mind it features newly created dishes inspired with the best local & seasonal ingredients. Our Head Chef và his team carefully tweak each dish in order to provide the best combination of flavour lớn ensure an unforgettable dining experience.

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Do not miss the chance khổng lồ taste our Autumn flavours!

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Noir. Dining in the Dark joined the WisePass lifestyle membership program. Members of WisePass can each day enjoy perks of không tính phí meals and miễn phí bottles of wine or spirits. Download WisePass on Android and iOS and enjoy the perks are available at nearly 100 locations in Vietnam and Thailand. Và now you can claim you không tính phí meal or bottle of wine at Noir. Dining in the Dark & Blanc. Restaurant. Check out the details on the website of WisePass.



Experience the real Vietnam with OneTrip. OneTrip is providing travellers amazing local experiences, trips and adventures. These are available in seven Vietnamese cities & it is now possible to make your reservation at Noir. Dining in the Dark through OneTrip as well.


Does it taste lượt thích spring roll!?

Tháng chay tịnh yêu thương thương, Noir. Phối hợp sự nhẹ nhàng từ nguyên liệu, sự đương đại từ hương vị hoà quyện trong thực solo chay mới.

Hãy cùng chúng tôi chiêm nghiệm sự chậm rì rì của cuộc sống thường ngày trong không khí huyền túng tại Noir.

For this vegetarian month, Noir. Launched a new Vegetarian Menu.

Please join us to discovering interesting combinations & flavours.

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International Women"s Day

“A rose can never be a sunflower, and a sunflower can never be a rose. All flowers are beautiful in their own way, và that’s lượt thích women too.” - Miranda Kerr

In honour of International Women"s Day on 8 March, we have created a mystery tasting thực đơn at 780,000VND ++ per person. Invite #womenyoulove to the most unique sensory dining experience in Vietnam.

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Why Does Valentine Need to lớn Be Just One Day?

This year, Noir. Dining in the Dark launches the Valentine Season; from 9 khổng lồ 14 February, we have additionally on offer a special thắm thiết Valentine 5-course phối menu.

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Indulge yourself in an enchanting mystery tasting-menu with 14 dishes served in complete darkness. After dinner back in the lounge take the Love Potion No.9 và friandise lớn expect everlasting love.

The menus served are limited per day, please vì chưng not hesitate to liên hệ us for more details.

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Vietnam Women Day 20 - 10

In Vietnam, Woman’s Day is celebrated twice a year, observed nationally on đôi mươi October and internationally on 8 March. Together we express love và equality for women. We stand together for solidarity of women in equality, justice, peace, education, job opportunities and advancement. It is the expression of comments on women, respect and love. We celebrate the economic, political and social achievements of women since the struggle for equal rights for women still prevails.

Make this year’s Women Day extra meaningful & celebrate at Noir. Dining in the Dark!Let’s join Noir. For a culinary journey of the senses, indulge in a range of culinary treats và discover the ingredients that are surprising yet familiar; a range of fooling flavours, tricking textures, teasing tastes.

In the celebration Vietnam Women Day 20.10.2017, Noir. Offers một nửa off for Ladies for mystery Lunch menu.

Let’s make a surprise for the #womenyoulove

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Tripadvisor’s Certificate Of Excellence 2017

We are very proud and delighted to be awarded TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence 2017. Opened in October 2014 and this is our second year in a row receiving this honourable award.

The award celebrates hospitality excellence and is given only to lớn establishments that consistently achieve outstanding traveller reviews on TripAdvisor, the industry leading customer nhận xét platform. Noir. Has earned overall 96% of very good and excellent ratings for the past three years. The team of Noir. Dining in the Dark is very grateful lớn all of our guests who wrote those marvellous reviews, and proud of the team that make it happen and make the difference. Thank you!!!

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Sending wishes & sharing love - Mid Autumn Festival 2017

The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of Vietnam’s most charming and colourful annual events, it is also considered a special occasion for family reunions, by getting together to enjoy mooncakes when children eagerly welcome the moon by holding colourful lanterns in their hands, listening to the beating drum of the lion. Mum, what is the shape of the Moon!? What does the beating of drum sound like!? Those innocent questions make us realise there are still unfortunate and poor children who are with not being able to see or hear.With the desire of sharing and bringing warmth of love khổng lồ those who need, Blanc. & Noir. Will donate a certain amount of guest spending in 10 days leading up lớn the Mid Autumn Festival on 4 October. Guests who dine with us can leave a hand written message, attach to lớn a mini lantern and hang in the tree in the restaurant lounge.On 3 October we will bring these lanterns & the donations to lớn unfortunate children (visually impaired và blind, deaf & mute) shelters in HCMC to tư vấn them a Mid-Autumn Festival full of joy và laughter.

Wishing you and your family a warm and cheerful Mid-Autumn Festival!

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Noir. Dining in the Dark wishes you a Happy International Women’s Day. On this day, 8 March, we celebrate the social, economic, cultural & political achievements of women. The day also marks a hotline to action for accelerating gender parity. This year theme is be bold for change.

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#IWD2017 #BeBoldForChange

Join us và celebrate International Women"s Day at Noir. Dining in the Dark. Invite your Ms/Miss/Mrs to a sensory journey dining experience in celebration of "Beauty . Motherhood . Parity". A special tasting IWD mystery thực đơn at VND 750,000++ is available khổng lồ commemorate the respect, appreciation towards #womenyoulove

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Experience và Celebrate Festive Season With Noir. Dining In The Dark!

Discover the merry mixtures of festive flavours and season’s smells in our Special Holiday season menus. Dining in the dark is lượt thích unwrapping Christmas presents; you have no idea what you will get. Feel the excitement và anticipation of discovering our special menu with different textures, smell and taste in the dark. 24.12.15 + 25.12.15 Special 5 courses Christmas mix menu và a festive welcome drink VND 980,000++ per person31.12.15 + 01.01.16New Year Celebration 6 courses set menu and a sparkling welcome drink VND 1,350,000++ per person

Best Things To bởi In Saigon

Exploring The True Journey Of The Senses!Let’s cảm biến - HEAR - SEE the most stunning cultural shows in Saigon: À Ố Show . My Village . The Mist. & experience a culinary journey through SMELL - TASTE at Noir. Dining in the Dark.

A combo package for a memorable evening at VND 2,116,800 net is now available at a very valuable price of VND 1,470,000 net only per person:- One WOW! ticket to any show of Lune Production - A mysterious set menu: ‘Menu from the East’ or ‘Vegetarian Menu’ at Noir

You can book this package through saigon
noirdinininginthedark.com or at À Ố Box Office - the Saigon Opera House khổng lồ get more information and purchase the package.Keep exploring!#noir #dininginthedark #noirexperience #aoshow #journeyofthesenses #hochiminhcity #saigon #vietnam

Dining For NMO . Masterchef Christine Hà