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A down-and-out DJ plots khổng lồ rebuild his music career while working as a nanny for his famous best friend's wild 11-year-old daughter.

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After reconnecting with a hugely successful friend at a wedding, struggling DJ Charlie receives an unexpected job offer.


Charlie's new gig gets off to lớn a rocky start when he & Gabrielle tag along with her parents khổng lồ a party full of music industry bigwigs.


While her mom holes up in the studio with Layla Valentine, Gabrielle heads khổng lồ her first day of school and quickly starts racking up enemies.

David surprises Sara with a lãng mạn getaway, Charlie takes a shot at remixing his hit song, & Gabs sneaks out to meet Hunter.

During a day out with Gabs, David juggles mounting career worries & a parenting first. A nervous Charlie heads lớn the studio to record with Sara.

At the Latitude Festival, Sara's determined to lớn spend time with her daughter, but Gabs và Hunter have other plans. Charlie takes Astrid on a date.

In sunny Ibiza, Charlie puts his friendships và career on the line when he gets caught up in the tiệc nhỏ scene and slips back into old habits.

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A wild night and a lãng mạn gesture stir up drama as everyone gathers for a life-changing weekend in Ibiza.

Santa's one job? Deliver presents. But as Jules takes the reins from his Grandpa Noël, he receives a young girl's letter with a special holiday wish.
Identical twins Leni and Gina have secretly switched places for years. But when one sister disappears, both of their lives start lớn fall apart.
A teenager struggles to lớn keep her scandal-ridden past và a big secret from getting out when she strikes up an unlikely romance with the crown prince.
An imaginative young squirrel leads a musical revolution khổng lồ save his parents from a tyrannical leader. Based on a children's book by Paul McCartney.
A team of rapid-fire renovators takes big risks & makes painstaking plans to lớn transform families' homes from vị trí cao nhất to bottom in just 12 hours.
Elvis trades in his jumpsuit for a jetpack when he joins a secret government spy program lớn help battle the dark forces that threaten the country.

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Performing in his Cleveland hometown, David A. Arnold jokes about marital spats & entitled kids as he shares a behind-the-scenes look at his family.